• Joseph was professional in his manner, adaptable to any environment and developed a good understanding of the applications and processes.

  • I would highly recommend Joe as he has proved he can lead/mentor a team and would be a very valuable asset to any employer.

  • Joe’s testing knowledge and critical thinking skills have made a clear improvement to our processes.

  • Working in a challenging, high pressured environment Joseph’s leadership skills truly shine through.

  • A true gentleman and a real godsend!





  • Joseph was professional in his manner, adaptable to any environment and developed a good understanding of the applications and processes.

  • I would highly recommend Joe as he has proved he can lead/mentor a team and would be a very valuable asset to any employer.

  • Joe’s testing knowledge and critical thinking skills have made a clear improvement to our processes.

  • Working in a challenging, high pressured environment Joseph’s leadership skills truly shine through.

  • A true gentleman and a real godsend!




Joe was a key part of our test team for one of our largest and most complex programmes of work.

In the initial phases of the programme Joe brought structure and order. Crucially, he did this in a flexible and balanced way – he is able to work pragmatically with the unknown / unknowable whilst bringing shape, reason and logic to the rest of the scope.

In the later phases of work Joe’s execution skills came to the fore. In particular, Joe’s planning capability is excellent – we were always clear on what we were supposed to be doing on any given day.

Joe is meticulous and highly logical / rational. He was a real asset to our team.

Joe already had a good measure of technical skills when he joined the [London 2012] project, which he put to good use in his role of testing across the many different web sites we deployed leading up to the London 2012 Games.
With his excellent work ethic and enthusiasm, he was quickly providing a valuable contribution and earned the respect of his colleagues. It was a pleasure to have Joe as part of the team and I wish him well for the future.
Joe tested a number of my digital products at London 2012. He worked effectively and efficiently against the agreed brief. He would be an ideal candidate for a fast moving, structured technology team.
Joe is awesome – he has taken on the role of Test Manager with huge amounts of skill, rigour & attention to detail – all with a calm, logical and considered approach – which was hugely needed and has had a big (positive) impact on our project’s progress and current position.
Joe was a key member of the Smart Test team, and as the Team Lead he helped to build and develop the team as well as delivering on the technical aspects where he regularly went above and beyond. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Joe and hope that one day our paths will cross again.
I have been very impressed with Joe’s work in Fraud and Payments. Joe made it his business to get up to speed quickly on the work we were doing and our product set, proactively seeking information and resources to help him. He provided an expert testing viewpoint across our work, advising on best practice and giving an opinion on what should ideally be done.
Where necessary Joe has given us the pragmatic viewpoint too, especially useful since we don’t always have the tools or resources to support best practice.

I have hugely valued Joe’s part in my team’s activity over the last 6 months; he has a mature approach well beyond his years and I have no doubt that he helped to make us a more successful team.

– Led the QA activities on his own with very little support from me – on our large scale project this is great.
– Is good at putting metrics and dashboard on his own; good analytical thinking
– Seems to have built relationship both internally and externally with relative ease, which demonstrates a good team player strength
– Brought concepts of risk based assessment for requirements and translated those within testing phases, which is fantastic

The project Joe was assigned to isn’t straightforward – with a new vendor to the function engaged at fixed price with the end client it is hard to balance. Joe has done a decent job in trying to balance it through by engaging offshore teams with clear set of instructions.

Joe is very knowledgeable and works to a high standard, I would highly recommend him to any employer looking for a test resource. Good luck Joe in your next adventure.

I worked closely with Joe in the User Integration Testing team. We quickly built up a excellent working relationship being the first members of the team.

Joe’s planning and organisation skills were first class when managing the customer test team and he was always good at problem solving in a timely manner that occurred onsite. Joe’s methodical approach to the test team and the external suppliers, testing participants ensured the end to end testing ran smoothly in the test lab.

I would highly recommend Joe as he has proved he can lead/mentor a team and would be a very valuable asset to any employer for future test roles.


Working in a challenging, high pressured environment Joseph’s leadership skills truly shine through. Joseph is the focal point of the team and is well respected among his peers. His honesty allows the project to be delivered in the correct manner and utilises his staff to carry out the best work possible. He is and will be a tremendous asset to any team/ project in the future.

Joseph is highly skilled and a very efficient person. He is capable of delivering high quality stuff with excellent standards of details and documentation.

During our time together Joe helped in a variety of different projects. He was quick to jump in and out of projects and pick up the knowledge required and deliver results within one or two days. This made Joe a very respected and highly valuable member of the team. He is truly a manager’s favourite.

Joe has stepped up many times into Test Lead/Test Managers role where he managed the planning/testing/reporting and execution all by himself and earned high regard for his work.

Joe will go out of his comfort zone to get the things done and once he is assigned something, he takes complete ownership of his work. He is also great in helping other and providing assistance wherever necessary. He is an excellent team player.

I really enjoyed my time working with Joe and would love to work with him in future.

Whilst working with Joseph I found him to be a very capable Team lead who had put together the test team and then went on to mentor and manage it. His ability to clearly articulate and lead the test strategy made him an invaluable asset within the project.
I found Joseph was professional in his manner, adaptable to any environment and developed a good understanding of the applications and processes that he had to work with.

His communication skills have allowed him to develop good working relationships with both clients and colleagues. I was always impressed by both Josephs attitude and performance and it has been a great pleasure to work with him.

Joe is an incredibly knowledgeable tester with a very strong work ethic and always more than willing to assist where he could. An asset to any team, Joe will contribute ideas to the team and share knowledge for the benefit of the project. Good luck in the future Joe.

I worked with Joe when he was in the London 2012 web testing team, undertaking functional and informal security testing of pre-live and live London 2012 sites. The test reports he produced were critical in providing security assurance that the websites were functionally correct and met basic security standards.

I felt Joe found his ideal role when the organisation moved to the Games Operations phase, directly supporting the running of the Olympic Games on a 24/7 basis. Joe was managing the mobile and web infrastructure, and can best be described as a solid operations analyst, owning issues and driving them forward, and if required, handing them over to the subsequent shift analyst. This involved dealing with internal and external suppliers in often stressful situations, and I believe he handled the pressure well. I would have no problems recommending Joe or working alongside him again.

I worked with Joe during his time as a Test Analyst at London 2012. He is very able and professional in his work. His attitude to testing is represented with a keen eye for detail and as such is a great asset to any team. If our paths cross again in future I will have no hesitation in working with him again.


I worked with Joe for several months for the MOD, as part of the test team on an infrastructure project.

I was particularly impressed by Joe’s technical skills, his ability to get things done, to seek out answers and work proactively with the client & other suppliers in a challenging environment.

Joe would be an asset to any test team and it was a pleasure to work with him.

I interviewed Joe for a test role on one project, but the project was put on hold, but I was so impressed by Joe in the interview, we found another test role for him. Joe is a really strong tester, and his ability to produce reports is amazing. Joe is one of those testers that you want to keep hold of, and I’m keen to work with him again.
Joe is a highly knowledgeable, skilled and driven Test Consultant. I had the pleasure of working with him across multiple projects, he clearly takes great pride in his work, was always committed and willing to go above and beyond to support his colleagues and achieve the best possible outcome.

Joe quickly became a valued member of the team whose work and opinions were respected by both the team and business alike. He clearly has a passion for testing and QA and importantly is happy to share his knowledge and spend time coaching and teaching those who need it.

I look forward to being able to work with Joe again in the future.

Joe joined my team as part of the London 2012 organisation’s intern programme, and consistently performed at an extraordinarily high level.
He has been very proactive, keen to learn, dependable, has become a key subject matter expert in his test activities, and has communicated issues and progress confidently with all levels of project personnel. I hope our paths will cross again.
Joe is an incredibly capable individual who soon becomes quite a valuable asset to the team. Any project he was given, he would happily accept the challenge and address head on. His openness to share his knowledge and experience is admirable, whether that is testing related or his brilliant Excel wizardry. Everything Joe does is at a high standard and is always to the benefit of the team or project.

Joe joined my team in April 2014. He brought with him experience and resources from his previous projects which he used to improve the testing process in this project. He was eager to put into place clear, defined processes which aided the testing effort and ensured that he followed up actions promptly.

Joe is well-liked by the business and project teams and built up a rapport with all he worked with. It was a pleasure working with Joe, and he made my job a lot easier on more than one occasion.

I have worked with Joseph since the beginning of the new year on the Ministry Of Defence account as part of a strategic partnership. The first thing that I noticed was the level of the interpersonal skills he shows while interacting with the client. Joe has clearly shown himself as someone who can communicate at both a personal and technical level when discussing certain aspects of the assurance work we are performing.Additionally to this, Joe has had to engage with 3rd party suppliers on behalf of the MOD. I have been able to see first-hand Joe being able to discuss issues/concerns with these suppliers and MOD and being able to manage expectations from both sides of the fence to ensure continuity between client and supplier.


I worked very closely with Joe on the Insurance project. He joined the project at a very tricky time – we were part way through a design phase with very tight timescales, working with a new supplier who was still getting to know the requirements whilst also trying to adapt to wholesale changes to the project governance process which were being rolled-out across the organisation.

In addition he was replacing a QA Lead who had only just started to get up to speed before being moved off the project, and so there was a real need for someone to take control and a big expectation on Joe to hit the ground running.

Joe did exactly this. He took full ownership of the QA function, quickly building working relationships within the team whilst also demonstrating leadership qualities which resulted in him rapidly becoming a trusted expert on the project. Specifically he added value by managing:

The quality of project artefacts and development work – Joe took the time to really understand the complex requirements so that he was able to assess risks, priorities and later defects to ensure that efforts were concentrated in the right place throughout the project.

The use of best practice techniques – Joe showed excelled influencing skills to roll-out new processes (risk assessment workshops, QA status reports etc), always demonstrating the value that they added in order to justify the resource investment required.

The QA element of the project plan – Joe took ownership of planning out the QA cycles down to individual task level, as well as managing the offshore QA resource to ensure that they were tracking to this plan.

Overall Joe had an extremely positive impact on the project – he managed to find a really good balance between ensuring that correct process was followed whilst also being pragmatic, working collaboratively with people and listening to different perspectives in order to ensure that the project could meet both time and quality measures.

He also went beyond his job description on a number of occasions to help the project keep moving (specifically when the project manager was away he took the lead in daily meetings), and this was a real measure of his character and attitude towards supporting the team.

Joe worked with me as QA Lead in the Identity & Fraud team at Experian. In his time at Experian, Joe became an invaluable asset to the team in no time at all. He grasped the detail of complex proprietary systems very quickly, which enabled him to add value almost instantly.
Joe brings an intellectual rigour and genuine commitment to Quality to a project. The combination of Joe’s approachability, and his commitment to embedding Quality at the heart of any situation, ensures that Joe leaves an environment in a better state than he found it.

I worked with Joe on two projects and he was consistently thorough, diligent and professional. He demonstrated extensive knowledge, excellent reasoning and a welcomed level of pragmatism.

Joe was recently involved in coordinating a product launch for Royal Mail which encompassed and required multi-channel IT requirements. It was immediately apparent he had the ability to make the most complex IT scenario simple for the audience to understand. Very organised, enthusiastic and extremely efficient, Joe prepared and confidently led workshops, walkthroughs and conference calls required to demonstrate the new IT solutions and reporting suites which he had owned and developed with our IT and platform suppliers.
He skilfully and calmly deployed the User Acceptance Testing ensuring clarity on the evaluating required (including creating and supplying communications, scheduling, scenarios and data), and was a constant, reliable source to run through issues identified; which he then subsequently ensured were resolved to ensure sign off completed to time.

Joe quickly gains the belief and respect of the audience, and tackles the complicated issues extremely well – even when it means engaging people with the difficult messages which sometimes have to be relayed. He interacts well at all levels of authority, and it is clear is used to dealing with pressurised situations with a calm approach. He is able to think outside of the box to find the common sense commercial compromise to the problems faced, and is extremely well organised.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Joe to be considered by any company who have a desire to create or improve their IT solutions; and if the opportunity arose for me to utilise him in the future, I would have no hesitation in doing so. A true gentleman and a real godsend!

Joe has been a great help during the project to me, ensuring that all my specific tests were captured, making my overall reconciliation and sign-off for the project a whole lot easier. The test pack that he produced homed in on the full extent of all changes that going forward will be a great source of guidance when moving into BAU activities.
Throughout testing Joe has made himself fully available to deal with any queries to keep the project on track within timescales.
I’ve worked with Joe for approximately 6 months and during this time Joe has proven to be a trusted and valued colleague. He has been very helpful during some very stressful times and has retained a calm persona throughout.
Most importantly Joe helped my team navigate the minefield that is User Acceptance Testing. During this time, when testers tend to raise the most challenging of questions, Joe has always shown that he can listen, advise where appropriate and feedback to the wider project team on the important issues on hand. A good example of this was when a potential show-stopping incident occurred. Joe handled the challenge, worked tirelessly with business stakeholders and the project team and implemented a change swiftly to ensure that we had enough time to thoroughly test the change. This is testament to Joe’s ability to remain calm under pressure.

UAT can always be very emotive, with business stakeholders always assuming that their area is more important than others. Joe managed these relationships very well and always remained professional, leading conference calls effectively and sensibly ensuring that all aspects of the testing were covered.

Another example of Joe’s ability to quickly understand the task in hand was during the script-writing phase. Joe had to quickly understand processes where things are sometimes very, very complex. These scripts enabled my team to robustly test the system and allowed me to quickly and easily share these scripts for further testing, again helping us deliver an excellent end product.

I’d like to thank Joe for being a very valuable member of the project team.

I’ve worked alongside Joe for a number of months now and in a very short period of time he has become a key player within the Device Assurance team. Joe’s testing knowledge and critical thinking skills have made a clear improvement to our processes; specifically to the planning and execution of our test phases. Joe would make an invaluable addition to the Device Assurance Team.