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In my spare time I love to travel to new places and experience new cultures with my long-suffering wife, Siân.

Me at the airport, on the way to the departure gate!
Siân and I have a shared love for travelling, which we discovered some time between taking our first trip abroad together in 2012 and getting engaged in Geneva in 2014. Following a brief travel hiatus in 2015-16, we soon got back on track with a long weekend to Venice.

Since then, we’ve taken on other Italian cities including Rome, Naples and Florence, and have also enjoyed stays in Barcelona, Seville, Dublin and Prague to name a few. We’ve also begun to explore further afield in recent years, including the faraway shores of Cape Verde, Mexico, Mauritius and the UAE.

Our current goal is to visit 50 countries by age 50, but ultimately our main objective is to immerse ourselves in (and be educated by) the cultures that we experience along the way.

Me at the airport, on the way to the departure gate!

Sharing our adventures and experiences.

I post some of the highlights of our trips on our dedicated Instagram page.

I’m also in the process of building a new website where we’ll be documenting all our travels, showcasing the best landmarks to visit, and sharing top tips and travel hacks. This is due to launch in late 2024.

Some of our favourite photos

Some of our favourite photos 🇮🇹

Looking along the Venice canals
Super-scrummy food in Rome
Taking in the vastness of Pompeii

I’m also an IT consultant and broadcaster.